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Sometimes a brief electronic message just isn't enough – perhaps you don't have the right email address for a contact or you've got a lot more to tell than you can pack into the 160 characters of our free anonymous messaging service (link). What's worse is when email may be monitored or blocked completely by firewall software. If you still need to go silent but you're bursting at the seams for the truth to set you free then our premium anonymous mail service is a superior choice to get that word out:
Reports on unethical or illegal activity
.Settling arguments without direct conflict
.Reporting affairs
.Sending testimonials & tips to law enforcement
.Providing facts and information on a story to the News Media
.Send holiday messages to friends and family
.Secret letters to kids (Santa, Easter Bunny)
.Letters from a secret admirer
.A letter of forgiveness
.Safe and secure snail mail for a budding romance

$19.99 (USD)
Going Silent - More Information
Have you ever considered sending a letter, a post-card or a package of information to someone without revealing your identity? Have you ever wanted to give sensitive or important information to another without getting directly involved? Our anonymous snail mail system allows you to send private mail at a reasonable cost to any physical address in the United States and Canada. Our premium "proxy mail" service can help you protect and hide your identity while getting those hard copy documents (and even photos) to their destination in a few days (even overnight.)
Going Silent - How To Send an Anonymous Letter
Sending an anonymous letter with our premium mail delivery service is fast and simple. You can go silent in just a few easy steps:
First - Click here to purchase your anonymous mailing package
Enter your message then Complete the form at checkout. Apply attachments if applicable.
To complete your order & hit "Comfirm"
Once you send the information,  your premium mail message will be on its way.

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