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Go Silent with anon messaging from Silent Sender. Forget about those old-fashioned and complicated anon email websites. You no longer have to use remailers and hacker exploits to send a simple, clean and safe anon message.

Great News! Silent Sender‘s anon messaging uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the information you are sending anonly. Say what needs to be said with confidence. No need to worry about malware, viruses or security exploits. Our site is checked daily by McAfee's vulnerability scanning software.

With anon messaging, you can send any message to any person, any time (and stay truly anon). How does Silent Sender keep me anon? This is how it works:
  1. Go to - you should notice that your address bar will turn blue or green (depending on your browser) indicating you have a secure encrypted connection
  2. You will see two interfaces, one for sending a message, another for retrieving. Enter the email address you want to send a message to in the "Go Silent" module
  3. Next, type out your anon message in the message window
  4. Agree to the Terms of Service
  5. Enter the Verification code (this is to eliminate SPAM)
  6. Hit Send

It’s SAFE and EASY when you want to Go Silent 

Say what needs to be said - With Silent Sender you’re truly anon

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Send Anon Email Services – The Truth Will Set You Free
Sending an anon email isn’t a cloak and dagger operation. If you've ever made a post on blogs or social networking sites then you already know how easy it is to post and be heard with Silent Sender. Our Anon email service lets you identify the recipient and send them a short message (160 characters or less). When you are ready to Go Silent with Silent Sender – we are here to make sure it is SAFE and EASY.

The best part is that going silent with our anon email service is completely FREE – no tricks. Were are just totally into Internet Privacy.

Go Silent - Send an Anon Email Now:

Anon mail Service

Anon Mail Services – Go Silent the Old Fashioned Way
Sometimes a short free message just isn’t enough to cover something really important. There may be someone in your life that needs “details”! Also, monitored email accounts, firewalls or a lack of an email address can make it hard to get in touch with people. The ability to send a much longer letter (up to 10 pages) with the added option of photos (up to 3) can help you not only add the right detail but reinforce the importance and authenticity of what it is you're trying to say.

Any information you want to share can be delivered through private mail where your identity remains hidden. Our Anon mail service is available for a small flat fee.

Go Silent - Learn More About Anon Mail & Send Your First Letter Today:

Anon Mail Service

Why Go Silent at All – What's The Advantage Of Being Anon?
It is simple- you know something and someone needs to know about it. If it were only that easy. Sometimes potentially damaging or harmful information can snap-back and hit you in the face. When you Go Silent with anon messaging you avoid the “snap-back” effect.

If you think about it, you are confronted with the opportunity to share information with people every day, but usually don’t because you are afraid of the consequences. What if you “could” have a voice without having a face?

Terrible or unfortunate things happen to people every day- and typically, someone knows about it before they do. You can save someone from their own disasters without getting involved.

With Silent Sender on your side, you are a member of a community of people that want to make an immediate impact on the lives of others.

Now you finally have that opportunity.

With Silent Sender you can make a difference in your own life, or the life of someone else, and finally experience that immense feeling of relief that comes from speaking the truth, because the truth can indeed set you free. You can impart information to those who desperately need to know it, and completely remove yourself from the situation.


 Anon messaging eliminates your fear of getting caught in the middle so that you can finally feel good about doing what is right.

Become a Part of the Solution That Will Revolutionize the Way
Information is Shared - Go Silent with Silent Sender Today


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